About Compost Coach

Product development at Compost Coach began in 2014 when we were approached by a local poultry farmer with a unique question – how could he deal with animal mortalities in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective way? Working closely with the farmer, we took time over the next years to develop a machine uniquely capable of fulfilling that need.

This process led to the creation of the CC500 prototype, which has been in testing at poultry (broiler, broiler-breeder, layer) and pork farms for over 7 years.

The patented CC500 Industrial Mortality Composter was launched in 2022, and we at Compost Coach are excited to partner with farmers to revolutionize mortality management!

All Compost Coach products are manufactured by our team in Ontario, Canada and can be shipped worldwide.

Features of the CC500

The CC500 Industrial Mortality Composter is loaded with all the features a poultry farmer would be looking for. It is robust and built to stand up to daily use on a poultry farm for years to come.

Patented Cutting Auger

Continuous edge knife, sloped top, square cut design

Sealed Polyethylene Drum

No leaching of liquids, no corrosion

Direct-Drive Gearbox

Robust driveline with few moving parts, lubricated for life

Modular Attachment System

Different brackets available for most standard loader/tractor setups

Just 1 CC500 Industrial Mortality Composter can support a batch of 80-100k broiler chickens during their growth cycle of 4-5 weeks (given an average 2-2.5% death rate)

Benefits of Composting Animal Mortality


  • Effectively kills pathogens
  • Reduces risk of spreading disease inside the barn
  • Reduces risk of rodents accessing deadstock

Cost Savings

  • Time savings – less moving of carcasses
  • Energy savings – minimal cost to run
  • Space savings – very small footprint
  • High value equipment for the cost


  • Decomposes fully grown chickens in just 4 days!


Nitrogen: This comes from your deadstock. The CC500 can handle up to 200lbs/day until full.


Carbon: These are products you will need to add to the mix. Common carbon sources include straw, wood products (chips, shavings, pellets, sawdust, charcoal), and paper. Because of its patented cutting auger, the CC500 can effectively break down straw fibers without pre-processing.


Moisture: Most of the required moisture comes from the deadstock, but you can add water if needed.
The CC500 composts most efficiently at 50% moisture content.


Oxygen: The patented auger in the CC500 aerates the mix exposing it to oxygen regularly, which promotes microbe growth. This starts an aerobic environment that releases a lot of heat, killing off all pathogens and further speeding the composting action


Time: While all composting takes time, the CC500 is as fast as it gets. It can fully decompose fully-grown chickens in just 4 days! It can also keep the mix over 50°C long enough to kill all pathogens.


Compost: The compost created by the CC500 is safe to spread on your field, and is very high in nitrogen and nutrients, making it an excellent fertilizer!

What our Customers Have to Say

Marlene DJ.
Marlene DJ.Broiler-Breeder, 11,000 Bird Flock
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“The composter is excellent, just throw the birds straight in and don’t touch them again. I add some carbon to keep the moisture right, usually sawdust because it’s easy and portable. I was surprised the bones were completely gone after a few days. Once the batch is finished just get the bucket off the tractor, pick up the composter, drive it over to the pile and dump it. It works really slick.”
Wim DH.
Wim DH.Broilers, 85,000 bird flock
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“The composter works very well. We keep it inside an insulated shed so it runs year-round. When you fill it to the top with birds, it’s amazing how fast it comes down, you just have to stay on top of the moisture content by adding straw. The tail feathers and bones disappear in a few days too. It really helps to keep the rodents and vultures away from the farm. It’s a good system with a manageable price, two thumbs up!”
Luke M.
Luke M.Broilers, 20,000 bird flock
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“I’ve been using the composter for about 4 years. I was able to get a government grant to cover half the cost, so it was an easy decision. Composting is just the right thing to do, it kills all the bugs and keeps the pets and coyotes out of the manure pile. The composter works great for me, I use it for most of the year. The value is definitely there with this machine – it beats having to start the tractor every day to bury birds! It works for me, two thumbs up!”
Henk D.
Henk D.Broilers, 45,000 bird flock
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“The composter works great – it’s basically maintenance free. The compost is nice stuff when it’s done. Five stars”

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At Compost Coach, we understand that as farmers, there is always more work to do. That’s why we have designed a product to help streamline your operations, and at a price that won’t break the bank! Get in contact with our team to order yours today!